Why the HomeSafe Communicator May Have Poor Voice Quality

Poor voice quality, crackling, or low volume on your Lifeline Communicator could be happening for several reasons. Please check the following:

Do you have DSL Internet service? If so:

  • Your Lifeline Communicator must be connected to a DSL filter.
  • Any additional phones in the house also need to be connected to a DSL filter.

Are you experiencing static on the Lifeline Communicator? If so:

  • Check other phones in the home for static.First, check the phone connected to your Communicator and then check any that are not connected to it. If the phones in your house have static, that is a good indication that your phone service needs to be checked. Turn your Communicator off and then back on. If static persists, you should notify your phone company, as it does not appear that the Communicator is causing the problem.
  • Do you have an optional Philips Lifeline Voice Extension? If so, please make sure that it is at least 50 feet away from the main Lifeline Communicator.
  • Make sure that your Communicator isn’t near any electronic devices (e.g., a cell phone or a cordless phone that’s not plugged into the Communicator).

Is the volume on your Communicator very low? If so:

  • Adjust the volume using the control switch on the side of your Communicator.

Is the Lifeline Personal Response Associate having difficulty hearing you? If so:

  • Make sure that your Communicator is on a flat surface. There is a microphone on the bottom of your Communicator and you should verify that nothing is blocking it.

Helpful Tips: It is recommended that you turn your Communicator off before making any adjustments to it. After making adjustments, you can then turn your Communicator back on and test it. If you are still experiencing problems, contact our Customer Service department at 800-635-6156.