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Welcome to Lifeline

Call 855-596-7612 to confirm your eligibility and sign up for Lifeline or click below.

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Lifeline Medical Alert Systems

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage

As a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage member, you may be eligible to receive the Lifeline medical alert service. Lifeline is an easy-to-use medical alert system that lets you summon help any time of day or night – even if you can’t speak. All you need to do is press your medical alert button, worn on a wristband or pendant, and a Trained Care Specialist will make sure you get the help you need as fast as possible. Lifeline not only provides you with the #1 medical alert system but we also offer you peace of mind.

Lifeline Medical Alert Systems

You can sign up for your UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan benefit. Click here to check your eligibility and enroll in the Lifeline medical alert service. Have your UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage member card on hand.

The Lifeline self-service enrollment portal is optimized for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. We recommend using either of these browsers for a seamless enrollment experience. If you do not have access to a supported browser, 855-596-7612 to confirm your eligibility and sign up for Lifeline.

How Lifeline Works

With a simple press of your help button, worn as a pendant or wristband, you’ll be quickly connected to a Trained Care Specialist 24/7/365.

Call for Help: As soon as you press your help button, or a fall is detected, you are connected to our North America-based, owned, and operated Response Centers.*

Hear a Reassuring Voice: A caring Trained Care Specialist, available 24/7/365, will quickly assess your situation and determine what help to send to you.

Help is On the Way: Our Trained Care Specialist will dispatch the help you need; from a neighbor, family member, or emergency services, and will follow up to confirm that help has arrived.

Our Products

NOTE: The Lifeline website may show you all of the product options available, however, not all of these products may be included in your benefits portfolio. Available products will be presented to you when you complete the online registration or by a customer service representative when you call.

At the heart of our service is a lightweight help button that quickly connects you to our owned and operated Response Centers 24/7/365. Then, a Trained Care Specialist will access your personal care plan, assess your situation and dispatch the help you need whether from a neighbor, nearby loved one, or emergency services. They will also follow up to make sure that help has arrived.

Home Systems

Our industry-leading HomeSafe provides quick access to Trained Cared Specialists with the press of a button or by using our optional fall detection technology.

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Optional Fall Detection

Optional Fall Detection

Optional fall detection technology connects seniors to help quickly after a fall, even if they can’t press their button.*

In-home Communicator

In-home Communicator

When you press your help button, the communicator works like a speaker-phone and speed-dials the response center for direct communication with an associate who is ready to help.

Wide Range of Operation

Wide Range of Operation

Your help button will send alerts from anywhere inside your home, as long as you’re within range of the in-home communicator.

Waterproof Help Button

Waterproof Help Button*

Wear your pendant in the bath or in the shower, where falls are most common.

How Fall Detection Works

Mobile Systems

Our On the Go is a single-piece mobile alert system that includes multiple advanced locating technologies, fall detection capabilities, and 2-way voice communication wherever you go.* The On the Go+ includes also activity insights and geolocation capabilities for safe returns home.

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Optional Away Service

Optional Away Service**

Automatic notifications are sent to designated Away Service Contacts when members leave their home and when they return to their home, adding an extra layer of safety and providing peace of mind to loved ones.

Fall Detection

Fall Detection

On the Go is designed to detect falls accurately and connect seniors to help, quickly, even if you can’t press the button.*

GPS Location Tracking

GPS Location Tracking

Our mobile system includes advanced GPS locator technology, so you can immediately access help at anytime, anywhere.

All-in-one System

All-in-one System

This single-piece system provides fast access to help whenever and wherever you need it.*

How the Away Service Works

GPS technology and Wi-Fi signals inside and around the home are used to create a home zone perimeter that is approximately 300 feet radius, based on signal strength. At least one Away Service Contact is required, and you may add up to three, each of whom will receive the notifications. To add an Away Service Contact, we require the Contact name, email, mobile phone, and preferred language when calling Lifeline Customer Support.

Away Service is NOT intended for individuals that have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or significant cognitive impairment unless a caregiver is available to assist with charging the device. On the Go+ requires charging every two to three days.

**Away Service will be available in March 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

As a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage member, including Dual Special Needs Plans, you can sign up when your new plan benefits start on Jan. 1 by clicking here, or you can call 855-596-7612.

There is no cost to you. Both the equipment and monthly service are included as part of your benefits package.

You can sign up when your new plan benefits start on Jan. 1 by clicking here, or you can call 855-596-7612.


HomeSafe systems have a long-lasting internal battery that does not require charging. The help button will be replaced when the battery is running low.

The On the Go and On the Go+ need to be charged every two to three days.

Both the landline and cellular in-home communicators plug into the wall for power. The landline in-home communicator also plugs into a home phone jack.

Lifeline will provide a one-time replacement help button at no cost to you. Additional help button replacements may incur a charge.

You will need to provide the following:

Personal Information:

  • Your Member ID
  • Full name
  • Home address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Additional Information:

  • Caregiver information (family member, neighbor)
  • Caregiver relationship
  • Medical conditions

Your safety and security is a top priority for us. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Call: 855-596-7612