Medical Alert Systems

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April 17th, 2024

Medical Alert Systems vs. Voice Activated Virtual Assistants

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, our quest for safety and security has led to the development of innovative solutions to address emergency and non-emergency situations. One such area that has witnessed significant advancements is personal emergency response systems. While voice-activated devices or “smart speakers” like Alexa offer a level of convenience, wearable medical alert Read more >>

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September 15th, 2023

Preparing for Natural Disasters: Your Comprehensive Guide

Emergencies are something we’d all prefer not to dwell on, yet the key to managing them effectively lies in careful planning. By understanding the potential disasters that could impact your area and devising a solid plan, you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones. Among the most common natural disasters are wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Read more >>

Mature woman helping elderly mother with paperwork
June 12th, 2023

Crafting a Feasible Financial Plan for Caregiving Costs

Designing an effective financial plan to cover caregiving costs can be a challenging endeavor. One of the initial hurdles is reaching a consensus on what is fair among all parties involved. Ideally, the goal is to find a solution that satisfies everyone, preserving relationships and avoiding conflicts. However, this process is far from simple, as Read more >>

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January 5th, 2023

Helpful Things for Seniors Living Alone

The idea of living alone can be daunting for many seniors, especially those who are used to living with family or loved ones. But with the right tools, seniors can feel safe and comfortable while living independently. Here are some items that seniors should consider investing in to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. Read more >>

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October 30th, 2021

Three Essential Tips for Caring for Parents While Living Your Own Life

Caring for aging parents or elderly relatives can be a deeply emotional and physically demanding experience. The act of balancing your caregiving responsibilities with work, family, and your personal life can add significant pressure and stress to an already challenging situation. Here are some valuable strategies to help you mitigate stress and positively influence your Read more >>

Lifeline Mobile App
July 30th, 2021

The Critical Difference Between a Medical Alert Bracelet and a Medical Alert System

In an emergency, time is of the essence. We want emergency personnel to respond rapidly and have the information they need to deliver care quickly. The combination of a medical alert system and a medical ID bracelet can provide invaluable assistance in these critical moments. EMTs and other first responders are trained to look for Read more >>

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March 10th, 2021

What Medical Equipment is Tax Deductible?

Wondering if it’s worth claiming medical expenses for equipment on your taxes? The answer is yes! Researching deductions for medical equipment used by yourself, your spouse or another person in your care is worth the effort because you may be able to reduce your tax bill. The IRS allows taxpayers who itemize to potentially deduct Read more >>

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August 13th, 2020

Lifeline Cares: Tips for Care Recipients

Your personal care plan – tips to make sure the right help will always be there. What is a personal care plan? When you set up your Lifeline service, you are asked to complete a personal care plan. It contains important information for first responders, such as medications and instructions for how to access the Read more >>

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August 13th, 2020

Lifeline Cares: Your Personal Care Plan

How to make sure the right help will always be there – a closer look at the personal care plan. What is a personal care plan? When your loved one sets up their Lifeline service, they are asked to complete a personal care plan It contains important information for first responders, such as medications and Read more >>

Family and friends doing a video conference on laptop at home
July 1st, 2020

Caregiver Tips: Technology for Seniors to Connect with Family

One thing that worries many family caregivers – especially those of us who don’t live nearby – is our family members feeling lonely or isolated. “We are social animals and need to have family and tribe and a sense of belonging to be psychologically whole,” says Andrew Duxbury, professor in the Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics Read more >>

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