HomeSafe Medical Alert Systems

Enable independent living with access to help at the press of a button 24/7/365.

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HomeSafe Medical Alert Systems

Enable independent living with access to help at the press of a button 24/7/365.

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Once seniors leave your care, it is nearly impossible to guarantee their safety. Lifeline’s in-home medical alert systems provide seniors easy, fast access to help 24/7/365.

The HomeSafe medical alert system is an affordable way to offer seniors more independence, while being prepared in the event of an emergency. At the press of a button, seniors are connected to Trained Care Specialists who assess their situation and send appropriate help.

The HomeSafe’s waterproof help button is comfortably worn around their neck or wrist for easy access. Add fall detection technology to ensure rapid response after a fall and help your organization avoid expensive fall-related costs.

Wearable Help Button

With an interchangeable pendant and bracelet, the HomeSafe help button allows users to choose from two discreet, comfortable wearing styles.

  • Waterproof: The help button works in the bath or shower, where slips and falls are most common.
  • Worry-free Battery: The help buttons feature a long-lasting battery, and we’ll automatically replace it when needed.
  • Uninterrupted Support: Unlike a cell phone, the help button is worn at all times and provides access to a North America-based 24/7/365 response center, so access to help is never out of reach.
  • Wide Range of Operation: The help button will send alerts from in and around the home, as long as users are within the 800-ft. range of the in-home communicator.
Help Buttons - Pendant and Wristband

In-Home Communicator

With a HomeSafe medical alert system, the help button is only the beginning. The next critical component is the in-home communicator. It’s like the system’s home base. When seniors press the help button within range, the communicator works like a speakerphone and speed-dials our Lifeline Response Center for real-time assistance.

  • High-fidelity Speakers and Microphone: The communicator amplifies sound so seniors can hear and be heard throughout the home.
  • Easy Installation: Simple to turn on with the step-by-step voice-guided installation. Alternatively, our professional installation service will setup the system and answer any user questions.
  • Automatic Self-testing: The communicator conducts regular system checks and will automatically alert Lifeline if maintenance is required.
  • Outage Protection: Up to 30 hours of battery backup gives users access to help even during power outages.
  • No Phone Line Needed: A variety of connection options are offered, including Lifeline wireless service.
HomeSafe Landline and Cellular Medical Alert Systems

Lifeline Response Center

With Lifeline’s medical alert service, the seniors in your care are in good hands. We’ve served over 7.5 million people in the past 50 years offering peace of mind to subscribers, seniors, caregivers, and family members, as well as healthcare professionals.

The HomeSafe medical alert system provides a feeling of security in and around the home.

  • Available 24/7/365: Our Trained Care Specialists are standing by and ready to take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Professional and Courteous: Our associates receive a high degree of training to handle emergency calls with care, sensitivity, and professionalism.
  • Personalized Response Plan: Whether a family member, a close friend, or emergency services, our response center will dispatch the help the right help according to a user-defined response plan.
  • Multilingual: Our Lifeline Response Center supports over 20 languages so users can communicate in the way they feel most comfortable.

Fall Detection Technology

Lifeline’s fall detection technology minimizes the number of false alarms by using an advanced algorithm that distinguishes between normal everyday movement and a true fall. This provides an accurate fall history allowing more integrated care to seniors and helping caregivers proactively prevent the next fall.

Fall detection technology automatically connects seniors to help quickly after a fall, even if they can’t press their button.*

  • Accelerometers: These sensors will measure a high acceleration force when a fall occurs.
  • Barometric Sensors: These highly sensitive sensors can detect a very small change in barometric pressure such as one from a standing position to laying on the floor.
  • A Finely Tuned Algorithm: Our finely tuned algorithm differentiates between true falls and false alarms. It is the most important part of our technology.

A Fast Response Cycle

Help Signaled

Call for Help

As soon as a senior presses their help button, or a fall is detected, they are connected to our North America-based, owned, and operated Response Centers.*

A Reassuring Voice

Hear A Reassuring Voice

A Trained Care Specialist, available 24/7/365, will quickly assess their situation and determine what help to send.

Assistance On the Way

Help is On the Way

Our Trained Care Specialist will dispatch the help needed from a neighbor, family member, or emergency services and will follow up to confirm that help has arrived.

Analytics and Reporting Capability

Stay one step ahead in patient care by pairing the HomeSafe with Lifeline’s CareSage Analytics and Reporting platform. Collect real-time health data that can be turned into actionable information enabling earlier interventions and proactive personalized care.​ The CareSage platform seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems, providing a comprehensive view of your population’s health.

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